Wilfredo Lassalle

"Wilfredo Lassalle is a visionary leader and published author of 'Start with the End in Mind.' As the founder of JLS Technology USA, recognized as a top 50 MSSP globally for seven consecutive years, he brings a wealth of experience and entrepreneurial spirit to Simplix. His extensive background includes executive roles at Citigroup and Samsung. Wilfredo holds a Bachelor's from University of Phoenix, an MBA from Aspen University, and a Master's Certificate from Columbia University."

Kim Scott

"Kim Scott is a dynamic leader in cybersecurity and business technology. As the CRO of Simplix, she focuses on automating cyber compliance. Kim has driven revenue growth from $0 to $500M and has extensive experience in both large companies, like General Dynamics, and startups, including Security on Demand, acquired by Deepsea. With a career that began at Bell Laboratories, she has over a decade of expertise in pioneering next-generation cyber solutions."

daniel de lira

"Daniel de Lira is a value innovation-oriented leader at Simplix. With extensive experience in UX/UI design, agile methodologies, and SaaS product development, he excels in user-centric and atomic design principles. Daniel is known for his ability to align product vision with business goals, transforming complex requirements into simple, effective solutions that drive product strategy and user engagement."

Ivan Padilla

"Ivan Padilla is the principal designer at Simplix with over 90 successful UX/UI projects. An expert in user-centric and atomic design, he led the digitalization of interactive books for the Aguascalientes Cultural Institute and spearheaded branding and web design for various clients. Ivan's work includes developing a time and task management app, a platform for customizing products, and a tool for managing data and turning it into flexible interactive BI dashboards."

Alberto Tapia

"Beto is a decade-long Cloud & AI Innovator at Simplix with extensive cross-industry experience. He has developed a CNBV-accredited crowdfunding platform, a SaaS compliance tool, and an automated testing system for computing systems. Beto is passionate about continuous learning, doing things right, and delivering high-quality solutions, making him a key player in Simplix's success."

Simplix represents a strategic asset for any portfolio, standing at the intersection of technology innovation and essential business services.

Investing in Simplix offers a unique opportunity to tap into the growing market for cybersecurity and compliance solutions, providing robust ROI potential through its innovative use of technology to address a critical business necessity


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Simplix es una solución GRC basada en SaaS diseñada para empresas de todos los tamaños que requieren Cumplimiento de seguridad de la información por razones de certificación, reglamentarias, legales o contractuales.


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